Saturday, October 13, 2007

SkateLab Product Launch at

Hello all...I am on pins and needles about my latest endeavor. I had recently designed a line of Skateboard inspired furniture and accessories, and beleived that it was right up Target's alley. So, I had some help with proto-types, and photographed them in a nice setting, and pounded on the doors of the Giant...Target.

I called and harassed more people that I should admit, but finally got in touch with a buyer in Trends and someone who was open enough to listen for a few minutes. Thanks Dave!

That lead me to hop on the next plane for China, and be sure that I can find the appropriate manufacturer to make this product. I knew that China was the obvious choice, even though they've been in the news with regards to tainted product. I don't like stereotyping.

Working with China while living in the United States is certainly a challenge....but I love a good challenge. Anyway, my 1st container of SkateLab product arrived this past Wednesday night, and is currently in my Hollywood Warehouse, waiting, just waiting for people to see the stuff on and buy it up.

The quality is good to great, and the designs are top rate. I hope that you will get a chance to see it and possibly adorn your home with my product. I beleive in everything I design and make, and I know that comes across in the product.

You can view it on my website

Thanks for listening.

the ZAZ


Anonymous said...


I found your product on and ordered a bookshelf. After having questions about the product but ordering yet another bookshelf, you personally not only made sure I received top quality product but also made certain I was completely satisfied with the product. Good customer service is so rare these days and I must tell you how extremely satisfied I am with not only the product but also the customer service you provided. Even my husband is impressed (and that's not too easy to do).

Thank you, Dave for wonderful product that my kids love and awesome customer service that I love!

Best of Luck,

Cherry said...

Interesting to know.